Corona braces

Corona Braces

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A smile can let other people know that you are a kind, friendly person who is good to get to know. Unfortunately, too many people hide their smile because of crooked teeth or an uneven bite. There is no reason to be ashamed of your smile because there are many options available to make it beautiful. For many adults and teenagers that option of traditional wire or ceramic Corona braces is not acceptable but our Smiling Village Dentistry practice has another option available that does not place unsightly and uncomfortable brackets and wires on the teeth for years to correct malocclusions.

Our practice offers Corona braces that are totally invisible. Clear Correct braces are a series of clear plastic trays called aligners that fit snugly over the teeth and exerts pressure that gently move the teeth to the proper position. Our doctor will first do a comprehensive examination and use 3-D images to see Clear Correct is a good option for you and then discuss the process with you in detail. A set of impressions of your mouth and the 3-D images will be sent to Clearcorrect who will fabricate a custom series of aligners for your case. Each aligner will be worn for about three weeks and then be replaced by the next aligner in the series; each aligner moves the teeth a little further in a specific sequence with all the other teeth. There are generally between 18-30 aligners in the series, so the whole process takes between 9-15 months to complete.

Aside from being invisible to onlookers Clear Correct Corona braces have the advantage over traditional braces of being removable. Patients will wear Clear Correct aligners 24 hours a day but can take them out to eat as well as brush and floss their teeth. This means that Clear Correct users can eat whatever they want without worrying about bending wires or loosening brackets as with traditional braces, and makes brushing and flossing more effective. Give our office a call and let our doctor determine if Clear Correct is a good option for you.

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