Elmhurst clear braces

Elmhurst Clear Braces

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Smiling Village Dentistry is your number one dental office for Elmhurst clear braces. Our clear braces are favored by many patients because they are virtually invisible and hard to see. Clear correct braces are one of our specialties along with other types of orthodontics. Call our offices today to find out more about this wonderful type of orthodontics. Our office is located in Sunnyside, Queens. Our dentist, Dr. Voraragsa, treats every patient individually with personal care.

ClearCorrect is a type of invisible braces system that is similar to Invisalign. For more information on Elmhurst clear braces, call us today. We also have children’s braces and removable appliances. Early interceptive orthodontics are sometimes done when the patient is too young for braces. Patients are usually around age 14 when they receive orthodontics, as the jaw has grown in more. Removable appliances are used to hold certain teeth in place and influence how the jaw grows. Removable appliances can also influence how teeth erupt and are used mainly together with fixed appliances. Although these appliances are removable, it also requires the patient to stay on top of their dental appliances and to use them as instructed for the best outcome. Braces are usually kept on for a year or over a year, depending on the level of alignment needed.

Our job is to transform your smile and to help boost our patient’s confidence with a beautiful smile and straight, white teeth, so besides Elmhurst clear braces we also have teeth whitening. Proper brushing and flossing help keep teeth whiter. We also perform other restorative options for teeth, including veneers, braces, implants and dental bonding. We have Invisalign and clear braces for those who wish to have a less visible way of straightening teeth.

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